Postcard from Meribel – “What we are missing”

9th April 2020 | Meribel

Our Meribel Agent, Colin Mathews with a little snapshot of current life in Meribel

As we remember the glorious Supermoon our Méribel gaze heads to the lofty peaks and just dreams of the great spring skiing that was not to be. Our balcony view yesterday shows the beautiful conditions in Méribel for Easter

Meanwhile there is a touch of movement on a few private building sites in central Méribel & the odd hamlet; surprisingly so yes, but nonetheless true.

So as on line markets are currently the only way to work, why not explore the property potential here at Free Spirit Alpine? Once the world starts to kick back into action we will be ready to assist you at every turn.

Even now we have clients moving towards an exchange of contracts in Méribel & even a signing too! So do contact us, we’d love to hear from you, and we can while away a few hours of lockdown finding your perfect property together

A pink gin for the pink moon! Stay safe everyone and hope to see you soon in Méribel

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